PARTYCRASHER @ Zeeburgereiland is an outdoor event.
Route info.
date: June 16, 2023.
start 07:30 P.M. at HADDOCK, Bob Haarsmalaan, Faaswilkesstraat, Foekie Dielemanstraat, John Blankensteinstraat, Roepie Kruizestraat, Faas Wilkesstraat, Foekie Dielemanstraat, Geertje Wielemastraat, to NAUTILUS (08:00 P.M.)

The performance ‘Partycrasher’ is a procession-like parade of the personification of the wind on Zeeburgereiland. The giant silver figure, belly landing in the streets with arms spread wide, is a dramatic and festive celebration of the ever present wind on the island. It is also a reference to the glider airfield that was here long before it became a residential area.

Aided by a group of silver-masked assistants, the shiny Windy Wooh moves through the streets, shrinking when necessary, stretching out when possible. Meanwhile, blowing out large clouds of smoke that are blown between the buildings by the wind.

In ‘Partycrasher’ the performers become the wind, and as such, move together through the streets of their neighborhood.

The project was made possible by the Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and the Municipality of Amsterdam Stadsdeel Oost and Niessen & De Vries.