The panoramic work for the penal institution in Zaanstad was realized as a participatory project with 350 members of their staff. Under direction of Zijlmans & Jongenelis they created temporary impressions of constructive elements of a bridge, by balancing each other using ropes and bamboo sticks. Zijlmans & Jongenelis digitally assembled the bridge from photo’s of these balance situations. A total of a thousand photo’s was used to create the image that is spread out over seven panels. The panels are translucent lambda Duratrans prints mounted in LED backlit panels. The work is situated in the staff restaurant.

commissioned by: Pi2 Consortium / curated by: coöperatie TAAK (Theo Tegelaars) / coördination Pi2: Aydin Aygun / crew: Pablo Pinkus, Philippa Driest, Minne Kersten, Marianne Theunissen, Bernke Klein Zandvoort, Una Jongenelis, Jim Knip / intern: Yvonne Dubbers / prints by: Eyes on Media / frames by: Fotolight / thnx: Natascha Veeren

Penal Institution Zaanstad – 2016 / part 2 (of 7)